Post-Processing your Data

When arranging the terms of the post-processing service we will provide to you, it is important to establish clear result requirements and discuss the format of the delivered report. Before starting the post-processing service for you we will insist that the exact goals of the interpretation and the output format of our report is understood by both sides. At this stage it helps to provide some data/report examples for an easier and faster work flow. Keep in mind that although our technicians are highly experienced and skillful, the quality of the results will always depend on the quality of the collected data. Interpretations and conclusions done by our staff will always be corroborated by the information available in the data and will avoid speculations.Contact our sales department to get a quotation for your post-processing needs

Submitting the Data

The submitted data has to be saved in a GPR file format supported inside GPRSoft post-processing software package. Some GPR file formats save part of the data in an auxiliary file ( markers, coordinates, settings etc). These files need to be submitted as well. When in doubt if your particular GPR file format is fully supported, please contact us.

We would also like you to submit any additional survey files that could be helpful in interpreting your data more easily. Survey diary, maps and photos from the site, technical drawings and layouts will help us understand your survey conditions and requirements better and therefore provide you with higher quality results.

A link to the Customers FTP area -user and password needs to be provided by sales once the job is accepted.