G.P.R Basics using
What is GPR? GPR stands for Ground Penetrating Radar, also called Ground Probing Radar and as the name suggests it is a technique for probing the ground. Like any other radar it works by sending an electromagnetic wave into the ground and recording... Read more >>

Irreversible destruction of collected data with overgaining
Recently we have encountered a growing amount of GPR users asking for help with the interpretation of their data. Most of this requests were based on a presumption that a more skilled user will be able to interpret more out of the collected data. However, the problem was not in the lack of interpretation skills, but rather ... Read more >>

Bridges Survey in the South-West of UK
During my recent visit to one of our partners in the UK, I was invited to attend a survey in Weymouth, Dorset. The client requesting the survey was a rather large construction company, which by the appearance of the town, were everywhere. My colleague explained to me... Read more >>

Topography correction and the importance of applying it to the GPR records
The subject of this article is to introduce you to the importance of applying topography correction to GPR (ground penetrating radar) records and to inform you about the possible ways of doing it. Although the basis... Read more >>

Welcome to Geoscanners!
Our company is a worldwide leader in light weighted, easy to use and rugged ground penetrating radar systems. We offer all in one solutions starting from the sensors reading the underground in the field and ending with all the required software for processing and viewing the results in the office. We produce the best equipment because we use it!


July 30, 2013 All systems receive a 20% discount until September 30 2013. Contact for more information on the campaign and products.

June 3, 2013 The Ås Kloster project in Sweden is using U-Explorer with GCB-300 and GCB-200 for archeological surveys.

March 21, 2013 Geoscanners AB will be attending the "Maatutkarenkaan vuosikokous 2013 / Annual meeting of the Ground Penetrating Radar Circle of Finland 2013" in Rovaniemi, Finland.

March 13 - 14, 2013 Geoscanners AB will be attending the "Gas Distribution Networks Asset Optimisation, Life Extension & Renewal Innovation Summit 2013" in London, UK GAS Networks >>

February 01, 2013 New sales representative in the Russian Federation MEGAWATT >>

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